Videoscope provides HD diagnosis in harsh environments

Fluke’s diagnostic videoscope, the DS703 FC, has 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution and a WLAN interface. It is designed for precise diagnosis in confined spaces and has been added to Conrad Business Supplies’ portfolio of test and measurement equipment.

The DS703 FC rugged videoscope is designed for harsh industrial environments. It has a 178mm (seven-inch) capacitive touchscreen. For hard-to-reach locations, a macro-to-micro zoom function helps users view high quality images. There is also adjustable LED illumination.

Another useful feature of the DS703 FC is the ability to rotate the screen content or the display using the innovative Up-is-Up technology to display images regardless of the position of the probe. This is only available on the 8.5mm probe with 1.2m cable option.

The videoscope includes a standard 1.2m probe that includes a dual camera for recording video at 720p (720 pixels vertical) resolution.

Users can upload images via wi-fi directly to plant and equipment data records or work orders using the Fluke Connect system to save time. There is a standard 802.11b/g/n wireless interface that can cover up to 10, for wireless image transmission.

Simultaneous access to site maintenance data from the office or from a remote location enables better decision-making and real-time collaboration among team members, points out Conrad. In addition, images and videos can be transferred directly and in real-time from the videoscope to smartphones or PCs.

The videoscope has a 6Gbyte memory capacity.

Optional camera probes with diameters from 3.8 to 8.5mm and lengths of up to 20m are available, to make the videoscope adaptable for different inspection tasks.

The 177.3 x 224.8mm videoscope is powered by a Li-Ion battery (3.7V and 6,400mAh), which provides a runtime of three hours at 50 per cent LED brightness. The full package includes a probe, HDMI and USB cables, a power supply and a case from the manufacturer, EVA Case.

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