Waterproof circular plastic connector gears up for e-bikes

To meet the demand for electric bicycles (e-bikes) Hirose Electric has introduced a waterproof circular plastic connector that is compact yet with sufficient capacity to supply power to e-bikes.

The BH12 has a total length of 36mm and a mounted height of 14.9mm.

While the market for e-bikes has increased, there is a drive towards reducing the size and weight of the e-bike to enhance usability. This has resulted in a need for the connectors used in the battery to be light and compact. Hirose adds that a growing need to reduce the number of manufacturing man-hours requires a reduction in the number of connector assembly steps. Connectors must also be robust enough to withstand vibration during riding and also waterproof for outdoor use.

The BH12 was developed to be compact and easy to operate with the 20A high current capacity required to supply power to e-bikes. The right angle connection of the power supply contact on the receptacle side results in a compact 36mm length and 14.9mm mounted height (when mated). In addition, the crimp contact on the plug side can be inserted into the case from the side for easy assembly, contributing to reduced e-bike assembly time. The lock supporting both ends of the plug prevents cable entanglement during assembly and transportation, keeps the lock free from deformation or damage. The secure connection also makes the BH12 withstand vibration during riding. Waterproof to IPX6 and IPX7, the BH12 can be used in outdoor environments with exposure to water, including rain.

The BH12 can also be used for power supply to various robotics, electric wheelchairs and micro-mobility.

Hirose Electric is a Japanese manufacturer of connectors. Established in 1937, Hirose uses advanced engineering services and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to provide technically advanced connectors for many industries including industrial, automotive, consumer, testing, broadcasting and telecommunications.

European offices were established over 30 years ago. In 2010, The European offices were merged together to form Hirose Electric Europe B.V to serve the EMEA market better. The European headquarters is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Other European branches are located in Germany, UK, France and Italy.


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