Waterproof speakers – not just for radio waves

Compact, waterproof micro speakers from CUI’s Audio Group, have IP ratings of IP67.

Housed in compact packages measuring 15 x 11mm with profiles as low as 2.5mm, the waterproof speakers are suitable for use in portable and handheld electronic devices that may be subject to the moisture and environmental contaminants found in industrial and outdoor applications, advises CUI.

The rectangular frame models feature sound pressure levels (SPLs) ranging from 90 to 93dB at 0.1 metres, nominal inputs of 0.7W, resonance frequencies from 550 to 800Hz, and impedance ratings of six or eight Ohms.

All speaker also have spring contact, solder pad, or wire lead mounting styles and are constructed with Neodymium magnets and mylar cones for durability.

The CMS series is available immediately.

CUI is an electronic components manufacturer specialising in a diverse range of product technologies since 1989. In the power electronics sector, the organisation supports customers to improve the energy efficiency and environmental credentials of an application. The company’s interconnect, audio, motion and thermal management groups provide engineers with solutions across a range of market segments.


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