Willow Technologies offers double pole contractor for EVs HVDC motor control

Two 120A/1000V HVDC contractors are integrated in a single package which can be integrated into electric vehicle (EV) HVDC motor controller as pre-charge EV contractors, the main contractor in small forklifts, small EVs and e-motorbikes. The DEVR10DP HVDC automotive contractor by Durakool Relays is available from Willow Technologies.

The DEVR10DP consists of two separate 120A/1000VDC HVDC contactors in a single package, which may be switched together or independently. The two-in-one configuration reduces the amount of space required as well as the complexity and cost of interconnections, compared with traditional standalone pre-charge contactors.

The double pole contactor is easy to integrate into EV HVDC motor controllers which have higher pre-charge requirements, says the company. It is equipped with terminal covers for both M5 female terminals and includes a convenient single connector for both coils and auxiliary switches, for safe, durable operation.

Each contactor inside the DEVR10DP package can carry 180A for one minute or 140A for 10 minutes. This makes it possible to use the DEVR10DP as main contactors in smaller EVs when they need to accelerate or climb hills. In an emergency, the DEVR10DP can break up to 600A/450V DC (one time only).

Pre-charge and discharge contactors are used in the interface between battery and motor drive where the charge current is limited, to protect the main power contactors from the inrush current of the motor controller capacitors. When the EV is turned off, the charge on those capacitors must be removed in such a way as to protect against possible electric shock risk.

Durakool was established in 1935 to manufacture switching devices for power generation in industrial and power automation systems, Durakool evolved to provide solutions for power electronics, industrial electronics, automotive and telecommunications applications. Today it is part of the WTAEC Group.

Willow Technologies was founded in 1989 to provide solutions to customers, supplying components and systems to the electrical and electronics markets. The company specialises in switching, sensing, resistive and hermetic seal products and has a wide portfolio of technologies.


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