Win a Microchip ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit

Win a ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit (ATTINY3217-XPRO) from Softei and if you don’t win, receive a 20% off voucher, plus free shipping for one of these products.

The ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro evaluation kit is a hardware platform for evaluating the latest tinyAVR® microcontrollers. Supported by the Atmel Studio and MPLAB® X integrated development platform, the kit provides easy access to the features of the ATtiny3217 and explains how to integrate the device into a custom design.

The ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro is recommended for evaluation of the following products: ATtiny3217, ATtiny3216, ATtiny1617, ATtiny1616, ATtiny1614, ATtiny1607, ATtiny1606 and ATtiny1604.

The ATtiny3217 series of microcontrollers features the 8-bit AVR® processor with hardware multiplier, running at up to 20 MHz and with up to 32 KB Flash, 2 KB SRAM and 256B of EEPROM in a 24-pin package. The series uses the latest Core Independent Peripherals with low-power features.  It also includes an Event System, intelligent analog and advanced peripherals. Capacitive touch interfaces with proximity sensing and driven shield are supported by the integrated QTouch® Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC).

This series of microcontrollers is recommended for safety-critical applications, targeting industrial and automotive products (IEC 61508 and ISO 26262).

The ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro currently supports more than 20 extension boards — including wired and wireless connectivity, crypto authentication, QTouch capacitive touch kits as well as generic I/O and OLED boards. Extension boards are not included with the ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro evaluation kit but can be purchased individually.

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