Win a Microchip MCP6C02 Evaluation Board

Win a MCP6C02 Evaluation Board (ADM01104) from Softei and if you don’t win, receive a 20% off voucher, plus free shipping for one of these boards.

This board demonstrates the performance of Microchip’s MCP6C02 high-side current sense amplifier.

AEC-Q100 qualified, the MCP6C02 amplifier is offered in both a Grade 1 6-pin SOT-23 package and a Grade 0 8-pin 3×3 VDFN package. Delivering a maximum offset error of only 12 µV, the VDFN package offers the lowest offset voltage for any Grade 0 high-side current sense amplifier. Specified over a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, its market-leading offset error allows the use of smaller value shunt resistors while also maintaining a high measurement resolution. This enables a more accurate and energy efficient current measurement solution for those applications exposed to extreme temperatures, like the motor within a vehicle’s water pump.

Microchip’s MCP6C02 device also features an on-chip EMI filter and a zero-drift architecture. The EMI filter helps provide added protection against high-frequency electrical interference, such as wireless hotspots and radio frequencies, while the self-correcting architecture brings increased accuracy to current measurement. Together these features enable developers to create higher performance solutions in a wide variety of applications, such as creating a current controlled feedback loop for a power supply or motor, monitoring and charging batteries, or monitoring current levels for safety reasons.

A load is supplied on the board for a convenient demonstration of the evaluation board. Supplying power and a load to the evaluation board will produce a small, measurable voltage drop across a shunt resistor on the evaluation board. This voltage drop is then amplified by the MCP6C02 on the board and outputted differentially at the test points: VOUT+ and VOUT- (TP1 and TP2).

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