Wireless controls for building automation are self-powered

At Strategies in Light 2018 2018 (Long Beach, February 13-15, 2018), EnOcean will demonstrate self-powered wireless Easyfit LED controls (booth 223).

EnOcean specialises in energy harvesting wireless technology and has developed the Easyfit wireless and self-powered LED controls for various open standards. At the show, EnOcean will demonstrate lighting solutions using the EnOcean radio standard for North America, including self-powered sensors and switches, actuators, LED fixture controllers as well as a commissioning tool.

The company will also present self-powered wireless Bluetooth and zigbee LED lighting systems. Offering these maintenance-free, ready-to-use solutions, EnOcean’s OEM customers are able to focus on the quickly evolving LED market opportunities.

“LEDs are ideally complemented by controls to leverage further energy savings, enable personal control, and meet regulatory requirements,” explains Troy Davis, sales director, EnOcean. “Self-powered wireless lighting control solutions based on energy harvesting technology are easy to install, maintenance-free and allow energy managers to utilise room-level or networked controls. These are even connecting the LEDs to existing building automation systems, while working with significantly reduced installation time and costs.”

EnOcean wireless technology is optimised for low power communication, allowing for self-powered, sensors and switches. EnOcean’s Easyfit LED controls portfolio is based on the 902MHz frequency, which delivers maximum point-to-point communication distances within buildings. These wireless controls solutions can be easily added to existing buildings during an upgrade to LED lighting.    

The complete LED control portfolio consists of LEDR and LEDD fixture/zone controllers, self-powered, wireless light switches, occupancy and light level sensors as well as the Navigan remote commissioning software.

The Easyfit product line is supported by Navigan software. Via this commissioning interface, settings such as thresholds, dimming levels, ramp speeds, task tuning, timers or title 24-compliant parameters can be changed wirelessly. Employing a Windows-based laptop equipped with the remote commissioning tool, an installer can locate wireless devices throughout the facility, logically connect the controller to switches and sensors, and configure settings in the controller over the air – completely without physical access to the controllers, saving time and costs.

Self-powered wireless Easyfit LED controls from EnOcean are now included in the DLC qualified product list (QPL). EnOcean customers across the US can use them in retrofit and new projects that may qualify for higher utility rebates with a QPL solution, without adding batteries to the wireless installations. Easyfit controls based on EnOcean wireless standard are deployed in schools, offices, big box and warehouse applications.

EnOcean also offers wireless and self-powered LED controls for Bluetooth lighting control systems in 2.4GHz. The Easyfit Bluetooth switches are available in two design versions – Easyfit US design (ESRPB/EDRPB) and Easyfit European design (EWSSB/EWSDB). The self-powered and wireless Easyfit switches with near field communication (NFC) can create simple or complex lighting scenes and effects, says EnOcena, while the wireless Easyfit Bluetooth switches have no batteries, making them maintenance-free. They are also freely positionable and allow flexible control as well as intuitive usage, says the company.

Combined with Bluetooth lighting systems from Casambi, Silvair and Xicato, Easyfit wall switches offer lighting installers the benefits of maintenance-free, freely easily positionable and ready-to-use solutions, allowing flexible control as well as intuitive usage.

EnOcean partnered with Philips to develop self-powered lighting solutions for zigbee systems on the 2.4GHz band for use in consumer and commercial LED lighting systems. The Philip´s Hue tap switch, for example, is a self-powered wireless switch, which is the ideal flexible, maintenance-free control for the Philips Hue lighting system for LED consumer lighting.


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