Wireless microcontrollers with SESIP security protects IoT devices

The initial member of the STM32WBA series of wireless microcontrollers is the STM32WBA52, revealed STMicroelectronics. It is equipped with SESIP3 security for efficiency and level of security required for Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 applications.

The STM32WBA52 is available now. In addition to the low power STM32WB microcontrollers its Arm Cortex-M33 core operating at 100MHz for computing power, and with STM32 peripherals. 

The integrated low power radio delivers RF output power of +10dBm for reliable communication over long distances at data rates up to 2Mbit per second. A deep standby low power mode with active radio communication drastically reduces overall power and saves battery energy. The STM32WBA microcontrollers can support up to 20 simultaneous connections.

The Cortex-M33 featuring the Arm TrustZone architecture with secure software based on Trusted Firmware for Arm Cortex-M (TF-M).

TF-M meets the industry-standard PSA Certified security framework, with PSA security programme’s immutable Root of Trust (RoT) including secure boot and secure firmware update, cryptography, secure storage, and attestation at runtime. Side-channel resistant symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic accelerators are embedded, and key protection is implemented using a hardware unique key (HUK) secure process. The STM32WBA52 product line targets Arm PSA Certified Level 3 and SESIP3 IoT security standards.

The STM32Cube ecosystem simplifies migrating from existing STM32WB and general-purpose STM32 microcontrollers, said ST. It features the STM32CubeWBA microcontroller package, embedding a certified Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 protocol stack and builds on existing profiles from the STM32WB series for easy portability. The STM32Cube ecosystem also includes tools such as the STM32CubeMX peripherals configurator and code generator, STM32CubeMonitor-RF radio-performance tester, and STM32Cube.AI desktop and cloud versions for AI. The ecosystem is proven to accelerate application development and validation. Further, to ease prototyping, a dedicated Nucleo board, Nucleo-WBA52CG, will be available for the STM32WBA52.

The STM32WBA52 microcontrollers combine Bluetooth LE 5.3 connectivity with low power modes, advanced security and a broad selection of peripherals familiar to STM32 developers. It is, said ST, the next step for IoT device developers seeking to add wireless, cut power, strengthen cyber-protection, and boost processing in the edge. The STM32WBA wireless microcontroller platform includes ST-patented technology and is intended for smart home, industrial lighting, sensors, electrical switches, gateways, and portable medical devices. 

The Low Power DMA and flexible power-saving states with fast wake up times can reduce microcontroller power by up to 90 per cent. There are also integrated peripherals including a 12-bit ADC for enhanced accuracy with over-sampling capability, while error code correction (ECC) on internal flash and RAM enhances data integrity and safety. Generous 1Mbyte flash memory density provides storage for the user application and protocol stacks.

The STM32WBA52 microcontrollers will be included in ST’s 10-year product-longevity program, which renews long-term assurances of production every year.

Samples are now available in the UFQFPN48 package. 


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