Wireless power receiver is engineered for charge sharing

Faster wireless charging and flexible charge sharing can enhance the use of portable and mobile devices for use in the home, office, industry, healthcare and in-car applications. The STWLC98 integrated wireless power receiver can be combined with the STWBC2-HP transmitter for a transmit-receive system capable of delivering

STMicroelectronics says that the STWLC98 can fully charge high-end smartphones, which contain high-capacity batteries, in just under 30 minutes. It can also be used for fast and convenient contactless charging, freeing the user from the restrictions of cables, sockets, and restrictive connections and allowing the designer to simplify enclosure designs, reduce cost and complexity and implement slimline styles, says the company.

The STWLC98 integrated wireless power receiver complies with the Qi EPP 1.3 wireless charging standard, commonly used in the smartphone industry. It has a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M3 core which supports built-in protection and its embedded OS simplifies Qi 1.3 certification.

The STWBC2-HP transmitter IC can work with ST’s STSAFE-A110 secure element to store official Qi certificates and provides authentication using cryptography. Support for the ST Super Charge (STSC) protocol enables fast charging up to the maximum power-transfer rate of 70W.

The STWLC98 features ST’s proprietary Adaptive Rectifier Configuration (ARC) mode that enhances the ping-up and power transfer spatial freedom of the system in both horizontal and vertical directions without any change in hardware or coil optimisation. Enabling ARC mode, which transforms the whole surface of the transmitter as usable charging area, increases the ping-up distance by up to 50 per cent in all directions, says ST.

The STWLC98 works directly with the STWBC2-HP, which contains a USB-PD interface, digital buck/boost DC/DC converter, full-bridge inverter, three half-bridge drivers, and voltage, current, and phase sensors. Controlled by a Cortex-M0+ core, the STWBC2-HP executes a patented fast PID (proportional integral derivative) controller loop and also supports the STSC protocol.

The 70W wireless charging chipset can be deployed in smartphones, tablets, laptops, power banks, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) devices, Bluetooth speakers, and AR / VR headsets. Designers can also extend fast and convenient wireless charging to medical equipment like monitors and medicine pumps, as well as cordless power tools, mobile robots, drones, and e-bikes. The chipset is also suited in-cabin charging solutions and wireless charging of various modules on-board a vehicle.

Built-in power management means the STWLC98 has an energy-saving low power standby mode and total end-to-end charging system efficiency which can exceed 90 per cent to meet stringent eco-design targets. The power charger chip features dedicated hardware and advanced algorithms that were developed to address challenges in ASK and FSK communication during high power delivery.

Safety features include foreign object detection (FOD), which leverages high-accuracy current-sense IP, Q-factor detection, and robust communication between transmitter and receiver

The STWLC98 can also operate in high-efficiency transmitter mode to allow high power charge sharing between devices. Coupled with the STWLC98’s embedded Q-factor detection – believed to be the first in a receiver device, it ensures safe operation in transmitter mode.

The PC-based graphical tool, ST Wireless Power Studio, is available for free download.

The STWLC98 is available now in a 4.3 x 3.9mm 90-bump, 0.4mm pitch WLCSP and the STWBC2-HP is available in an 8.0 x 8.0mm VFQFPN, 68-pin, 0.4mm pitch package.


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