WPC standard adds ‘Pop’ to wireless charging

The MP-A24 Qi design specification is a wireless transmitter architecture, developed by NuCurrent. It has been integrated into the PopPower 2, PopSocket’s wireless charger.

“With MP-A24, we’re addressing the utmost challenges facing extended-range Qi charging – namely: component size and cost,” said Rob Diebold, NuCurrent’s vice president of global sales. “By addressing these challenges, we’ll bring high-performance Qi to more devices, ultimately increasing consumer adoption of this technology worldwide,” he added.

The first-generation PopPower device used NuCurrent’s MP-A17 Qi design specification, the industry’s first Qi-certified,15W wireless charger design with an extended charging distance of up to 12mm (which was over three times the distance of the previous standard at the time). It was introduced to charge through PopGrips and other thick phone accessories. 

Using NuCurrent’s proprietary software, the hardware required for MP-A24-based designs is 82 per cent smaller than MP-A17, while still delivering 15W at up to 12mm of separation, confirmed the company. MP-A24 is reconfigurable, allowing it to be integrated into custom product designs with size constraints. The MP-A24 has reduced the thickness of PopSockets’ second-generation PopPower 2 without compromising performance of the first-generation PopPower Home, reported NuCurrent.

As a full member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), NuCurrent said it has advanced the Qi standard with its 15W MP-A17 design specification. The design triples the separation distance between transmitter and receiver and has implemented Qi-certified charging into a breadth of product categories.

In addition to Qi, NuCurrent specialises in custom low frequency wireless charging systems for designers looking to push beyond Qi or develop their own product ecosystem.


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