Würth Elektronik welcomes five product groups to thermal management range 

Thermal interface materials (TIM) available from Würth Elektronik continue to grow, as the company adds a series extension and five new product groups. The company says the additions offer an even greater selection of thermally conductive solutions for bridging between components and heatsinks, including materials for distributing waste heat over larger surfaces. 

Würth Elektronik also offers add-on services, such as assembly and customer-specific deliveries without a minimum order quantity.

One of the introductions is WE-TTT a thermally conductive and electrically insulating double-sided adhesive tape used for power semiconductors, graphics processors, chipsets, or memory modules. The ceramic particles in the adhesive confer a thermal conductivity of 1 W/(m⋅K). The WE-TINS (Thermally Conductive Insulator Pad) is designed to provide the thermal interface between transistors and cooling assemblies while maintaining electrical insulation. The pads are supplied cut to size and feature high tear resistance. 

There is also WE-PCM (Phase Changing Material), an easy-to-use alternative to thermal paste. The sheet liquefies under heat to perfectly compensate unevenness on contact surfaces that would otherwise cause an insulating gap, advises the company. For larger gaps, WE-TGF has launched further versions of these silicone pads which contain ceramics and can achieve up to 10 W/(m⋅K).

Peak performances in thermal conductivity of up to 1800 W/(m⋅K) in the horizontal axis is achieved with WE-TGS graphite sheet. The company also offers the WE-TGFG which is a special variant of foam pads wrapped in graphite sheet used for heat conducting where silicone pads are not suitable or dimensionally stable, or when individual shapes are required. The WE-TGFG bodies conduct heat away laterally. This is a task for which copper heat pipes would otherwise be required, adds Würth Elektronik.


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