Zuken’s latest electronic design environment supports 3D wire planning

Developed in collaboration with its customers in electronics, automation, automotive, aerospace and defence around the world, the CR-8000 2020 is Zuken’s latest 3D multi-board electronic design automation (EDA) environment.

It was developed in close collaboration with Zuken’s global customer and includes contributions from academic research institutions such as UCLA or Fraunhofer IIS, particularly in the field of advanced packaging.

As product complexity increases, businesses want to increase design performance and process resilience. As a result, key development themes for CR-8000 2020 were superior design efficiency, comprehensive system-level design and verification, and support for the latest advancements in packaging technology.

Design efficiency benefits from enhancements in the areas of schematic design, FPGA optimisation, skew group routing, and support of back-drilled vias.

System-level design and verification have been enhanced in the areas of electro-mechanical co-design of flex-rigid PCBs and multi-domain analysis through direct integration of best-in-class solutions from Zuken’s partners, Keysight and ANSYS.

The latest advancements in packaging technology are supported by new functionality for tile bump and 3D wire design planning.

“Our global development teams in Japan, USA, and Europe have been working very hard to evolve the capabilities of CR-8000, our flagship EDA design tool suite, to stay on top of the exacting requirements of our global blue-chip customer base”, says Kazuhiro Kariya, managing director of Zuken, Yokohama. This release has catered for existing users and new customers looking to innovate and develop their design.

“While our users will benefit from significant efficiency enhancements in the areas of engineering productivity and process resilience, we have also dedicated our attention to enabling a smooth transition for new customers who are locked into of 3rd party design tools that are reaching their limits,” Kariya said.

The CR-8000 platform is built on the latest software methodologies and utilises hardware acceleration to provide the performance needed performance for complex and multi-discipline designs.


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