PCB design suite is for internet-connected PCB design

Zuken has added eCADStar Advanced HS to its eCADStar design suite. eCADStar provides a fully managed 2D/3D design process with a common user interface and centralised library that exists at the heart of schematic and PCB editors. Design constraints and variants can be defined in the schematic and propagated throughout the PCB layout and routing process.

The suite is now available in four configurations, namely Base, Advanced 3D, Advanced HS and Ultimate.

eCADSTAR Advanced HS extends eCADStar’s connected 3D PCB design capabilities with powerful high-speed routing tools, such as length and delay-based impedance and skew control, and comprehensive constraint management capabilities.

“As products become more complex and connected, high-speed design is a key part of the design and manufacturability of PCBs. High-speed components and interfaces are at the heart of today’s smart and internet-connected products, and they demand advanced requirements for layout and routing”, observed John Berrie, signal integrity expert, Zuken Tech Center, Bristol.

The need to utilise high-speed design principles is no longer the exception, even if clock rates are not in the GHz range, pointed out the company. Many of today’s common components like DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5 SDRAMs require high-speed PCB design practices to produce high signal quality. As product performance increases and the need for device connectivity is pervasive, so is the need for high-speed, constraint-driven PCB layout techniques.

With a consistent user interface from design entry through physical layout and a central constraint browser, eCADStar Advanced HS provides powerful capabilities to address the complex details of critical high-speed layout and routing. Constraints can be specified both in the schematic, and the physical design tools, or as design rules stacks in eCADSTAR’s built-in constraint browser.

High-speed capabilities include impedance controlled routing, length, delay and skew based routing, topology control and the handling of differential signals.

The eCADSTAR Base, Advanced 3D, Advanced HS and Ultimate eCADStar modular bundles can be configured in a wide variety of options to fit individual needs.


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