Verotec offers three designs for EMC and standard 19-inch rack cases

Verotec manufactures three different designs of rack cases, available in a number of different sizes and with several options. Rack cases are a key building block of rack mounting systems, enabling electronic, electric and electro-mechanical sub-systems and assemblies to be mounted easily in any standard 19-inch enclosure. For non-adjustable requirements they will be secured directly to the 19-inch front and rear panel mountings. Alternatively, if repeated access is required, they can be mounted on telescopic slides to enable them to be withdrawn from the front of the cabinet.

The first of the three designs available is the heavy-duty RackCase PRO. This is EMC screened as standard, making it particularly suitable for housing heavy equipment in electrically noisy environments. It is a 3U high unit, available in standard depths of 240, 350 and 460mm, with custom depths available to special order.

The side extrusions feature full length slots on the external face for mounting telescopic slides. Internally there are 12 separate channels into which tapped strips or individual M4 captive nuts can be positioned to provide secure mounting points for the housed components. The design offers users good all-round access and easy assembly. The conductive finish vented or plain top and base covers slide into dedicated slots. There are conductive gaskets in these slots to prevent movement and ensure conductivity between all components of the assembly. Front and rear aluminium panels also feature a conductive finish.

The second design is the Veroshield EMC rack case. It is particularly useful in reducing cost in larger 19-inch rack-mounted systems where only some elements of the overall equipment require elevated levels of EMC capability. Standard sizes are 1U high and 265mm deep, 2U and 3U high and 365mm deep Typical attenuation figures are in excess of 110dB up to 10MHz, falling linearly to 40dB at 1.0GHz.

Thirdly, standard general-purpose rack cases are available in heights of 1U to 6U and depths of 250, 350 and 450mm. User can specify either vented or unvented top and base covers, a 3mm clear anodised or 2mm black painted steel front panel and optional grey or black front handles. The rack cases can be supplied with or without a rear panel and all sizes are fitted with mounting locations for optional slimline telescopic slides. To ensure that heavily loaded units are properly supported, chassis runners rated at 50kg are available as optional extras.

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